About us

The Tailored Peach Family

The Tailored Peach is the collaboration of 4 sisters who bring their combined love for fashion and all things female in one beautiful package. Its a haven for the brands you love that are timeless with the attention to detail given to each and every customer who walks through the door (or clicks through to our website) every time.

TTP is located in vibrant Kerang, the hub to a large community of agricultural based population and positioned on the Loddon River, a stones throw from the mighty Murray River.

TTP is the perfect mix of personalities and differing styles to cater for every woman's needs and now with our reinvigorated online store we can share the goodness of the Peach with you in the comfort of your own home - hopefully coffee or wine in hand!

Marty, Jess, Ces & Ez xx  



A background in Sales and Customer service puts Marty at the forefront of knowing what our customers want and need, making Women feel their absolute best is her Specialty. Her love of classic cuts and an A-line dress is obvious in her own styling and may we say GIFT WRAPPING QUEEN! Lady can wrap and make the store look oh so pretty! 


Not only does Jess make people feel amazing no matter the size, age or shape, she will have you sorted with any request as our in-house customer relations guru - she keeps The Tailored Peach organised and when needed in the right direction. Her style leans towards eye catching colour but always with the perfect jacket or blazer to finish any outfit. Also our go to foodie.


Social media Manager and resident dreamer Erin likes to keep the girls on their toes with many many ideas but only the best make it to you guys! If she could have only neutral coloured clothing at the Peach life would be a dream but she knows you love colour to much and would never want disappoint so makes sure there is something for everyone... (secretly envies all colour wearers!!)    


Ces is our accounts expert, Business Manager, Business mentor and all round clever lady. Just don't ask her what to wear, ha! Visits to the Peach mean regular wardrobe makeovers from her sisters - we love the internet for its ability to work with people from afar! xx


Do you know why Katrina is the "Dream" employee? Not only is she a ridgy dig seamstress, yep, making and repairing garments is her bread and butter (and she is a pro!) But she treats the business like her own because surprise surprise she used to own one! Which means she understands how important you are and can not do enough to help ALL of our beloved customers. Did we mention she can totally rock a wide leg pair of pants? Plus everything else she wears xx